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Click for more infoSeller: Collectors Firearms Area Code: 832 $150. It is dark brown in . Click for more infoSeller: Antique & Modern Firearms, Inc. Area Code: 859 $200NEW THIS WEEK! IT HOLDS THE PISTOL, A SPARE MAGAZINE. A CLEANING ROD AND TOOL. SHIPPING IS $8. 50 USPS PRIORITY MAIL DI .

Click for more infoSeller: RUDIM6 Area Code: 401 $29-sold pending fundsR. Beautiful tooling on Holster wich dates to 1910-20. Fits 5 1/2″ Colt SAA. Belt is marked “Wy . You will always have proper maintenance of the firearm; 6. You will keep the weapon in a good working state all the time you need a gun; 7. Easy cleaning, with just a spray or a smart solution; 8. All the tools that come with the gun cleaners are designed to reach every component of the gun; 9. You don’t need a full case for cleaning your gun when you can take just one product.

” Best Professional- CLP by Sage & Braker Gun Cleaner “I can hardly say how performant this formula is. Totally recommend. ” Best Biodegradable- Mil-Comm Mc25 Gun Cleaner And Degreaser “Water-based, double-acting. Enzymatic cleaning power is safe for home use. Orion is one of the more compact, but powerful and clear options available.

The Orion has a fixed 5 power magnification range.

It’s also surprisingly affordable when you compare it to other similar optics. You won’t be able to see miles and miles, but for most shooting purposes it will be perfect. 30 to 40 lp/mm. The Orion has a fixed 5 power magnification range. The 5-power range makes this a solid contender for modern sporting rifles like the AR-15 series of rifles.

It’s the perfect companion for a night time pest or hog hunt. The fixed power nature also makes this scope a bit more affordable and a lot smaller than variable optics. Orion comes with a detachable infrared illuminator that allows you to light up the world around you, even when there is no moonlight to use.

The Orion has a 40-hour battery life and runs off a simple and common CR 123A battery. The Orion 5 is one of the best night vision scopes for the money. What Makes This A Great Buy? Vortex has packed a ton of features into this without hiking up the price or sacrificing on the quality.

These include multicoated lenses, aircraft-grade aluminum, multiple reticle options, and fog and waterproofing. One of the best options out there for medium to long-range shooting, the V-Plex MOA Reticle gives you unmatched accuracy. It’s highly functional, intuitive, and has plenty of hold points never once getting too cluttered.

You can’t communicate with anything else but if you just need to chat with friends or family it might be a simple way to go. READ MOREFor more of our top hiking & backpacking gear recommendations, check out these popular articles:ElectronicsAbout The AuthorHiker. Trail runner. Mountain biker.

Q: Is It Legal To Carry A Ka-Bar Knife?

Optical clarity is useful in low light and during dawn and dusk, and durability is important for the scope to survive the brush and weather conditions. Other features like a wider field of view, a wide adjustment range, an easy to use holdover reticle designed for hunting and illuminated reticles are popular.

Windplex reticles are preferred, allowing the hunter to quickly dial elevation and make a wind call, using defined subtensions. Example persona for huntingJohn owns a 7mm bolt action, and he would like to hunt deer. A Deer’s vital zone is an average of 6 inches.

John can go out 600 yards and be within a 1 MOA shot for a deer. John’s scope choice will not impact the accuracy of his rifle, but it will affect the accuracy and precision of the shot using the rifle at long range. John wants to be careful to ensure an ethical kill.

At 500 yards, John needs to be able to make a 1. 2 MOA shot, including reading the wind and adjusting for elevation. If his rifle is a 1 MOA rifle that gives John a small range of error, he needs to buy the right accessories to ensure an ethical kill.

Loading. Preparing To Store Your GunsWhen we think about storing our guns in this day and age I will bet most think in terms of gun safes. Safes provide ample security and in some cases protection against fire. They also provide a method of storage that allows our guns to come out of storage the same way they went in…

125 inches fully cocked. MSRP: $2,222. 22; excaliburcrossbow. Ravin R18 If you thought HeliCoil technology was advanced, try the new VertiCoil Cam System on the Ravin R18, with limbs that expand vertically rather than horizontally. The limbs sit parallel to the rail, and release up and frontward.

The crossbow string and cables wrap around the cam and the cam’s axle.

This futuristic-looking crossbow is narrow at 4. 75 inches wide and 18 inches long. It has a detachable stock for a simple takedown. The new cams rotate a mindboggling 720 degrees. The crossbow string and cables wrap around the cam and the cam’s axle. Archers may not be used to an axle-to-axle height measurement, which is only 1. 3 inches when cocked and 4. 1 inches uncocked.

The bow features a built-in cocking mechanism, anti-dry fire technology and a safety that automatically switches when cocked. The R18 weighs 6 pounds with an integrated quiver. The bow comes with a Reflex sight, 16-inch arrows and a removable draw handle. MSRP of $1,549. 99; ravincrossbows.

Easton 4mm Axis Long Range Would you rather get an injection from a thin gauge needle or one thick enough to puncture horsehide? Narrow diameters penetrate much easier and efficiently, but require the strength to do so. However, if you want to ensure that you are protected under a warranty, it is wise to register the knife with Ka-Bar themselves, as this will help you should your knife become damaged during the warranty period.

Q: Is it legal to carry a Ka-Bar Knife? A: The US has quite complex rules regarding the legality of carrying knives. In some states, such as Texas, open-carrying is all perfectly legal, but in others, such as New York, you could find yourself charged pretty quickly if the police come across you and find a knife on your person.

But there are different types of knives. You won’t get arrested for carrying a Swiss Army knife, but if you have a foot long, serrated fixed blade hunting survival knife, you might run into some problems depending on where you are in the US. There is a helpful little list on Gizmodo that can give you all of the information you need about whether or not it is legal to carry your Ka-Bar knife in your state, so check that out if you need more information.

Q: What is the best steel for the knife? A: There are two types of steel that are generally considered the best for hunting knives. These are stainless steel and carbon steel. Stainless steel is famous due to its increased levels of chromium, which make it less susceptible to rust.

If you are out and about in the wilderness during rainy season, in humid climates, or fishing, then a stainless steel knife is the ideal companion as you do not have to worry about water damage to the blade. This potential damage can cause corrosion in the metal and be a detriment to its effectiveness.